Monday, March 17, 2014

Acquistions amongst a busy month….

Have not posted for a long long time….Been busy with work and newborn daughter…
However, not posting does not mean not looking and not acquiring. Acquiring TFs must not stop, not even when there is no time.

 Along the way, got myself a Takara Vintage G1 Prowl, complete, used. Imust say, the vintage autobot cars are a must get! especially the Takara japanese version for the styrofoam where you can properly store the toy.
Together with Prowl, came the Targetmaster Triggerhappy. Bought this for a couple of reasons:
1) My loose piece has both tabs broken on the cannons.
2) We have no time.

FINALLY!!! A G1 vintage Takara Starscream is acquired! Complete unused with the unused sticker sheet. no other papers though….

styrofoam, good old styrofoam...

All my boxed G1 starscream. E-hobby Ghost and black starscream as well as Takara Box reissue are not here…which am i missing?

 Pre-rub Sideswipe. Boxed and 101% complete….but used..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unique Toys Warlord (Not Predaking)

Finally, managed to put the not predacons together into Warlord, not Predaking.
Final build looks good. back with the wings are somewhat heavier so it tends to lean backwards.
Legs are bait wobbly, because of the looseness on the legs of Sharpclaw. The Rhino and Bull is ok.

The process of building it sucks…especially on Sharpclaw himself.
The instructions are unclear on how to mount crotch plates and the abdomen piece in the combined mode. The crocth plates with the yellow side panels are supposed to be mounted onto the waist from the back, then the abdomen piece from the front…i ended up breaking the rear crotch plate. Have to glue it back.
Violence (Not Rampage) in the combined mode is blocking the Warlord wings, the wings have to be pushed back….As like any 3rd party gestalt, the legs cannot come together, the bots at the legs will hinder each other.


Here's a comparison with TFC's Hercules (Not Devastator)
The plastic is somewhat of a lower quality. Gives me a feeling that it is very brittle and breaks easily. (I already broke the crotch piece…) Compared to Hercules, i feel this is more like a display piece. Hercules on the other hand, i can safely pass it to my five year old kid to play with.

This is one piece going straight into the display and all boxes discarded.
Don't think i would take it out to play and transform into the individual bots for fear of some tabs breaking. The combiner joints and the tabs holding the gestalt in position are a tad too tight for me.
Snug is nice, but too tight takes away the fun of fidgeting with the toy…there is more fear than fun.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Unique Toys Sharkies (Not Gnaw)

These came today, together with other unique toys stuffs. the not gnaw, Sharkies.
Came in a set of 3 pieces. if one wants to do a display with the sharkticons versus a MP Grimlock, this is the set to get. Generally, i find UT stuffs losing out on quality of their products, but they seem up bail themselves out with this set.

The box art….

Then the back of the box.

some art at the sides...

the 3 musketeers...

Since they came in 3 pieces, easy to display and show both modes…
transformation is not difficult….

Individual alternate sharkticon mode…look at those gold, protruding reflective eyes….evil lurks...

Bot mode.

Compared to his G1 brother, a lot smaller...

one bad thing (maybe not so bad) about these sharks are, that the horns in the alternate mode drops easily. Before you think too much, it doesn't just drop when you invert the toy. It's snug but if there is a push here and there, it'll drop off. I had it dropped off once each when i handled it for 2 pieces….so not that bad, just thought i'd mention...

Like this set very much. Though smaller than the G1 version, it looks more fiercer with the sharp teeth and all….and those gold reflective eyes make it look really evil and hungry. One of the few UT stuffs i would recommend to get. iGear is also coming out with their own not sharkticon, we'll see by then.

Unique Toys Sharpclaw (Not Razorclaw)

Just gotta hold of the last piece of Unique Toys not predacons, Sharpclaw (not Razorclaw)…just had enough time to transform the bot to alternate lion mode…combined Warlord (not Predaking) form in abit….

The box, bigger than the normal not predacons…why?

Because it had to house the wings of Warlord, the combined form. The difference from G1 is that Predaking uses the wings from Divebomb….Here, there is a set of separate and bigger wings…the crotch piece is a bigger piece which adds mass to the abdomen area as well..

The poster that came together with Sharpclaw…not too bad i should say…there's abit glimpse of IDW artwork there...

 Sharpclaw in bot mode.

Alternate Lion mode.

The quality so far for this piece is not exactly good. The first, Warhawk (not Divebomb), was really bad. The subsequent warlord releases actually picked up in terms of quality. The box, the toy everything improved. BUT, for this last piece, the quality seems to drop…not as bad as Warhawk, but it has taken a step back, playing with it for awhile, it feels like i'm playing with a K.O…some loose joints, legs that cannot be aligned are some issues i see on my piece..

Still i'm excited about the combined form. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 10, 2014

C-353 Big Powered Giftset Redux

Big powered, the combined form of Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber and Roadfire. Can travel up to 9999 powered knots and emit a rainbow while traveling in space.

Well, recently there are some sudden interest in the Big Powered and the last time i wrote about this was like 2010 (here)….Thought i should write another for the new set. Back in 2010, that was my first set which had a crappy box as well as a Brave micromaster partner instead of the actual one. Few months later, i managed to snag one set which was in a far better condition and here it is.

Box with minor creases but far far better than the first. One of the few boxes with no artwork on the front of the box.

The back of the box.

A small piece of artwork at the back of the box.

Artwork is at the top of the box, but a pity as the space is insufficient to capture the full body.

Internals, nice and minty foam...

This set was released in 1990 and it's like 23 years now…to really have it in this condition, i have to thank my luck and a couple of friends...

Monday, November 25, 2013

The most fragile TF…D-311 Black Zarak...

This was an incidental purchase.
D-311 Black Zarak was never a priority in my pursue. Price and the conditions (always cracked) are 2 of the main reasons holding me back. 
This piece came along when a local seller wanted to let go of it. Complete with stickers applied.
NO GPS, YES! none at all! Box in a nice condition as well. Stickers applied.

When i was checking the condition of the toy during the transaction, i actually asked the seller to handle it…he was handling it very very carefully and told me not to open this, be careful of that.
Though heard of GPS and experienced it with my very first piece of bristle back (Monstructor), never knew that the GPS on BZ was so potent such that every owner is very wary of it…such that they handle as if it's a newborn. it's crazy.

After i happily brough the TF back, more feedback about BZ came along…"Do not transform this, do not open the shield, do not….do not…once you attach the spear together, you can't separate it anymore" i was like "WTH? i bought a TF and i'm not able to play with it?!!!"
The final statement was: "That's Black Zarak for you"
It seems that a Black Zarak in such a good condition would be a display piece in it's nice styrofoam tray. But i had to take it out to look closer….

I'm always drawn to the vintage artwork of G1 boxes….

back of the box and...

Close up of Ginrai artwork…one of my favorite artwork...

Complete papers with even the biocard…there's a friend who has BZ without the biocard…maybe time for me to gloat abit…not very often i can gloat at him...

okay, here's a closeup of the biocard so that he can see clearer….hahaha.

chrome on the chest and legs are perfect.

the "uncle" face…with this, it is actually not required to have the head on in robot mode as this covers the headmaster completely.

tried the headmaster gimmick to check out the power meter…of course not with Zarak, i used the head from Skullcruncher…if the gold tabs or joints on zarak breaks from me trying to "Head on!", i would probably be a laughing stock..

For this, i really have to thank the seller for keeping this piece in such a nice condition.
and also allowing me to acquire this piece at a very reasonable price.
Never a priority as i mentioned at the start but exceptionally satisfying to be able to own it.
am very lucky to be able to find rare pieces in super conditions…like GBC, GBM etc.
really a big thanks to friends and sellers who in any way helped me directly or indirectly…
you guys know who you are!

Prowl, Prowl and Prowl

Taking these pictures and writing this makes me feel like a Prowl slut, but i'm not. Really.
Just happen to own these molds.
In fact, i'm already in love with the G1 Prowl/Streak/Smokescreen mold.
Just got a Universe Deluxe Prowl off a reseller. Yes, i do not have CHUG Prowl before this and i'm wondering why it took so long…fortunately, i did not have to pay a really absurd price for this.
Here's the photo of the 3 versions together…in alternate car mode.
The masterpiece as always is an exact replica of its G1 counterpart, sporting a Fairlady Mold.

In bot mode, the masterpiece is just slightly taller than its deluxe cousin,  but with tons of articulation.
The CHUG Prowl, disappoints me in terms of mold and robustness of the toy. Don't really like this version of Prowl. The doors are flimsy, pop out easily during transformation.
The G1 piece shown here is the Takara box reissue. The details on the face shows mold degradation, but as i've said before the mold rocks big time!
Masterpiece designs never fail to disappoint. but the material of construction disappoints me.

Details of the Masterpiece Prowl's head sculpt.
Very clear lines and you can see a fresh mold used. (look at a reassure Prowl/Streak's face and you will know what i am talking about.

I still feel the G1 mold wins the competition with MP Prowl close behind.
The reasons are the die cast, rubber wheels. The MP mold technically is far better, representing anime Prowl in all categories, but as a toy, it lacks the feel of a masterpiece…lacking the metal and rubber.
I always feel that the later pieces of the masterpiece, have not enough or zero die cast. 
TakaraTomy, please please please start to put in diecsat and rubber wheels for future masterpieces…